Cinestill 800T Free LUTS

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CineStill 800T Color Grading Effect

CineStill 800T is a film specially created for capturing natural looking images in limited light. The CineStill 800T has added blue sensitivity to capture full color images in incandescent light. In mixed light or daylight it can also produce stunning color when rated at ISO 400. This makes CineStill 800T the most versatile color film currently available and by far the fastest (most sensitive) color film in incandescent light.

In short, situations when you will ideally want to reach for your CineStill 800T will be in incandescent tungsten light, candle light, fluorescent light, mixed tungsten with fluorescent and mixed tungsten with limited daylight. More info about Cinestill 800T.

The LUT presets included in this free download emulate the color effects created by this classic film. Although some effects cannot be emulated with these luts, (like the halation effect, which is the distinct red glow around the highlights) you can recreate the general color style.

You can use the CineStill 800T LUTS in Lightroom, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, OBS or other software that supports LUT files. There are 4 looks included in this download with different formats: 3dl, cube, CSP and PNG (for use in OBS)More images shot with the CineStill 800T film

Getting the most out of the CineStill 800T LUTs

These luts work great especially on images or videos shot indoors or with tungsten light: outdor urban photography, indoor portraits, or overcast landscapes, sunsets or sunrises.

Examples with the CineStill 800T LUTs (no other edits were made to the images)

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