Your transaction failed

For some reason the the transaction could not be completed successfuly.
Don't panic, maybe it was our fault. Take the steps below

Check your bank or Paypal

Make sure you were not charged by checking your PayPal or Bank Account. Also make sure you have enough cash on your account. If you were not charged you can try the operation again

Check your internet connection

Check your internet connection and make sure you have a stable connection. If the connection is interrupted during the payment process your transaction could fail.

Try again

If you were not charged and did not receive any notification emails within5 minuts you can try again if possible using a different payment method. If your transaction fails again please contact us.

I was charged but I cannot download my files

If your bank account or PayPal account was charged but apparently have no access to your files, first please check your email address for your receipt, as it contains the download link for your files. In any case, please get in touch with us and provide as much information as possible: email address, payment method, product name…